Hi there! I’m Hayley, 24, currently living in England but my heart is in Scotland.

I have always been creative, but I never knew exactly what I wanted to do with that creativity. In high school, art classes consisted of copying other artists, and I never found much joy in making these replications.

So in Sixth Form, I set my heart on a career path in Psychology, something I have always been extremely interested in.

After graduating from my undergraduate degree, I decided to take a year out of studying, and that’s when I regained my love of sketching and painting through journaling!

Each month my journal was getting more and more detailed, so at the beginning of 2018, I made a new years resolution to create an Instagram account for my art (@hayleyremdeart), making myself accountable to create consistently. I made sure I created something everyday! Whether it be handwriting drills, a sketch or even a painting. After a few months I managed to gain back most of my skills from school, and then even learnt new ones!

I never imagined how much that account would grow, gaining a following of over 20,000 followers strong after just 1 year of posting. It was them who pushed me to set up HayleyRemdeDesigns.

HayleyRemdeDesigns was created as a way to share my paintings and creations with my followers, but soon, even people who didn’t know me from Instagram wanted my designs too!

This is not my full time job. I still work side jobs to pay the bills and to save up for my Masters in Forensic Psychology (which I will be starting September 2019). But painting, journalling and calligraphy bring me the most happiness, so I always plan to keep HayleyRemdeDesigns running.

My dream is that this small shop will be able to keep me afloat as I go back into full time education, and keep me sane once I go into my chosen field of Forensic Psychology.

Thank you for reading, and you can find me on the links below. I am most active on my Instagram (@hayleyremdeart) if you want to see what I’m currently up to!